Swiftkey Version apk

SwiftKey is this application is very cool and popular throughout the world especially for your android phone. You can sign in to SwiftKey Cloud to transfer your personal language profile to a new application.
SwiftKey provide a special experience for typing on android phone, if you do not like to type, I'm sure you become like typing, SwiftKey will always be convenient for you with the best language technology in the world.
SwiftKey has text prediction engine and machine corrections, as well as cloud services that will adjust to your keyboard.
SwiftKey very perfectly adapts to your attitude with android phone, using advanced machine learning technology. Thus the word prediction will not be lost when you type, all of the word prediction will be saved and there are some choice of themes, including the theme of light, dark theme, neon theme, etc.
It is SwiftKey Pro / Premium version, 100% no ads.